vendredi 15 juillet 2011

How to add visitor track bar with location

Well I've just gone through the search so I might as well post it here.

In essence you have:
- feedjit, my favourite one, I use on my Compastic! blog, check it to see what it looks like. For blogger do not use the Add a Gadget one, I don't quite know what it is supposed to display but it is totally irrelevant. In fact installing is incredibly simple, just go to the website, register and it will take you to your blog for installation.
- clustrMaps,  the one I use in this blog, displays on a map with support for various type of sites. Check it to see what it looks like. To add it to blogger, go to the design tab, add a Gadget and choose the HTML/Javascript one amongst the list of popular ones. Go to the clustrMaps website and get the code. Copy paste into your gadget content and add the title you like.
- revolver maps, a great one too. To install get the code from the website and as for clustrMap, add the HTML/Javascript gadget and paste the code to your new widget. Check it out on my other blog Me, My Princesses and My Company.