vendredi 18 octobre 2013

How to check if you have any traffic fines (multado) in Spain!

Man this goes beyond any common sense but, well, I guess you need to be opened to different cultures and their different ways of handling common administrative tasks.

If you think you have managed to live in Spain all those years without ever receiving a road fine (in your letter box), THINK AGAIN, you might be up for a big surprise. At least a friend of mine was: a mere 640 euros of fines was waiting for him in there :(

It seems the Spanish administration won't bother sending you a letter. It's your duty to go to the following websites and check for any outstanding payments!
Once there, type in your name and check for the results!

To be fair, once you know about this website you can actually register to receive email notifications, just check the links on the sides of the page.

Let me know in your comments how it went for you.