lundi 31 janvier 2011

Real Random Stuff

Well, it's time for some real random stuff. I don't know about you but I have the "unlucky" privilege of having my birthday in January, right after all the Christmas and New Year's shopping frenzy. Which means that there is generally less money and less ideas for your poor me.
Well, this year was a rare treat.

samedi 29 janvier 2011


I posted my Nebulos code to the google Visualisation Gallery. I attempted to make it a Facebook App but it never took off. You can find the App @ Graphit. The App actually uses another Visualisation component, namely the famous 3D world cloud from Roy Tanck, the one that's on WordPress.
I am wondering if making some code open source, therefore "giving it" away has any potential to increase your application use & web page traffic.

Crowd Funded

I love all this crowd stuff. Well, within reasons. But I believe the Net is there to help us connect and interact for the better. Crowd something (formed, funded, voted, designed, ...) has been there for a while now, eg Wikipedia, and will expand big time in the future. In fact it is probably the future of working.
I already talked about Quirky, which is what I call a crowd shaped (my own wordings) business. There are plenty of other forms of Crowding out there. One fascinating one is crowd funding, eg how to get seed funding from the crowds (your fans).


I have been playing a bit with Quirky lately. And I must say it is ADDICTIVE.

The idea is very simple, every week or so there are two open calls for ideas on Quirky.