samedi 29 janvier 2011


I posted my Nebulos code to the google Visualisation Gallery. I attempted to make it a Facebook App but it never took off. You can find the App @ Graphit. The App actually uses another Visualisation component, namely the famous 3D world cloud from Roy Tanck, the one that's on WordPress.
I am wondering if making some code open source, therefore "giving it" away has any potential to increase your application use & web page traffic.

Making your code open source has many advantages, one of which being possible extensive testing & improvements to your code on the long run. Self advertising as an application or as a developer is another one.
So I modularised the initial javascript to fit with the Visu API (not much work in fact), created a Google project repository and svn'ed the code. A quick Wiki page to provide for a User Guide. I added an Analytics tracker (Administer/Scroll down to Website Analytics) to see who's visiting. I completed the Visualisation submission form, got the "thank you we'll be in touch" from Google and voila!
This is not my first Open Source Project, but it's the first time I submit a Visualisation item. I might go for the gadget too. Let's see how it goes.

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