samedi 29 janvier 2011


I have been playing a bit with Quirky lately. And I must say it is ADDICTIVE.

The idea is very simple, every week or so there are two open calls for ideas on Quirky.

The first call for idea is a free form call, propose whatever you believe is going to be a commercial hit, eg a talking magnet, a square ball, ... you get the idea.
The second call has a theme, so you must follow the guidelines. Not quite sure why there is a theme (is it industry sponsored?) but that's the way it is.
People submit their ideas for the whole duration of the call. Ideas are undisclosed during that time.

Once the call period is closed, the ideas go to the voting (the influence) stage for another week or so. All ideas are now submitted to the community for voting and commenting and you cannot edit your idea any more. A new call is started in parallel.

Who votes? all the quirky users, obviously you need to be registered.
The trick? by voting, rating and commenting on the quirky's community's ideas, you can actually earn money. Yes, just by "influencing" people's ideas. I won't go into the details of the point/payment system. Check the Quirky website to find out more.

Once the vote period is over there seems to be an expert review (internal Quirky). From what I understand they are reviewing internally all the ideas, taking into account the votes of the community. The top 5 in popularity get into the full evaluation process, but they (Quirky) reserve the right to add an extra one that they deem of particular interest. These 5 + 1 (optional) are evaluated for market size, feasibility study, production cost, etc... The 1-2 winners go for development, production and sales. The idea is that it's the Quirky guys that will make it... and sell it on their web store.

The benefits are shared amongst the idea owner, the influencers and Quirky obviously. Some have made a living out of this system by the looks of their earnings, a bit like some make a living on Ebay, pretty cool no?

And me? well I did suggest a cool idea and tried to influence some. I didn't get many votes... but I am hopeful the Quirky guys will like it? ;-)) I'll keep you posted on it.

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